Branding and promotions for fashion houses and labels, fashion weeks and shows, and store promotions (may also be suitable for Luxury or Retail).
Company: NB Studio
Project: Petit Pli

Inspired by the innovative design of the product, as well as Petit Pli's mission to reduce waste and emissions in a resourceful way, NB Studio's brand identity highlights the unique structure of the clothing with a logotype that appears to expand and contract.  A fun blend of quirky illustration and photography further highlights the product’s sustainable credentials. NB also expanded the brief to add a clever twist to the packaging: a simple kit that transforms the functional box into a rocket pack. This further extends the life of the FSC-sourced cardboard, while reducing the packaging cost per unit by 82 per cent.

Company: R/GA London
Project: Beats by Dr Dre. #showyourcolour