Branding, packaging and promotions for professional and over-the-counter medicines, remedies and treatments, and toiletries (may also be suitable for FMCG)

Highly Commended
Company: Onwards
Project: Manual
Onwards developed a brand identity that goes far beyond the treatment itself, starting open conversations about taboo issues and promoting a new kind of positive, modern masculinity – represented by Manual's distinctive 'M'. Through a combination of stylish packaging, witty illustrations and personality-packed instructions, Manual flies in the face of traditional pharmaceutical branding.
Company: Kontor Reykjavik
Project: Alvogen
Kontor Reykjavík overcame strict Icelandic restrictions on describing the effect of medicines, working with master illustrator Noma Bar to prove that a picture really can speak a thousand words.
Company: Salad
​Project: Halo